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Somerset created its Post-Sale Inspections (“PSI”) as a tool to keep deals together and provide our customers with peace of mind. A customer purchasing a PSI has assurance that the vehicle purchased passed a rigorous test, was properly represented by the seller and that Somerset guarantees that the vehicle meets the dealer’s expectations. Further, Somerset stands behind every inspection for 7 or 14 days after PSI completion.

PSI Policy:

Vehicle Qualifications: Vehicles with a final sale price greater than $3000 and an odometer reading of less than 125,000 miles are eligible for a Post Sale Inspection.

PSI Inspection Checklist: The following items and areas are included as part of the Full Post Sale Inspection. The checklist applies to defects that are singularly $500 or more to repair or replace on vehicles sold in-lane and $500 cumulative visible damage on vehicles sold online.

•Odometer Verification

•Transmission Engages & Functions

•Engine Function & Operation

•4X4 System Engagement

•ABS/Brakes Function

•Paintwork Inspected

•Flood Inspection

•Electrical Accessories Checked for Function

•Emission Control Equipment Present

•Air Conditioning System Compressor Engagement Check

•Supplemental Restraint System/Airbags Check

•Frame or Unibody Structure Checked for Damage

PSI Guarantee:

•Depending on the type of Post Sale Inspection selected, all items checked in the Post Sale Inspection are guaranteed for 7 or 14 days after the sale. If an item or part that was inspected fails during the guarantee period, the item will be replaced or repaired at Somerset’s option.

•Vehicles challenged for issues must have 200 miles or less accumulated on the odometer between the time of inspection and the challenge date.

•The Post Sale Inspection guarantee is not a buy-back policy but a guarantee of the operation and function of the items inspected.

•The Post Sale Inspection is not an extension of the Somerset National Arbitration Policy.

PSI Terms & Conditions

•The buyer is responsible for the PSI fee even if the vehicle fails inspection

•The guarantees and provisions apply only to the original buyer of the PSI. This guarantee is voided once the vehicle is re-sold. The PSI guarantees cannot be transferred to any subsequent wholesale or retail vehicle buyer.

•Vehicles that pass the PSI and are later found to have arbitral items will be processed in the same manner as all other arbitrations. If the arbitral items found were missed on the PSI, Somerset will be responsible for

the arbitration in discussions with the seller.

•If a vehicle fails a Post-Sale Inspection and the buyer chooses to void the sale based on misrepresentations made as to the vehicle’s condition, the vehicle would enter the arbitration process.

•Vehicle condition at the time of return must be the same or better as when purchased

•Somerset will not reimburse a customer for transportation, reconditioning or other work or expenses performed on vehicles that are returned.

The following are excluded and not covered under the PSI policy:

- Any vehicle sold “AS IS”

- Vehicles with a sales price of $3000 and under, Vehicles with odometer of 125,000 miles and greater, regardless of light representation, Kit Vehicles, Hand-Built Exotic Vehicles (including but not limited to Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Dodge Viper, Ferrari, LaForza, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, Maybach, McClaren, Panoz,H1 Hummer, & Rolls Royce...) Kit Vehicles* Trailers* Motorcycles*Watercraft* Recreational Vehicles* Antiques (20 years or older)* Homemade Vehicles* Modified Vehicles* Heavy Trucks and Equipment *Vehicles or conditions specifically excluded in the most current NAAA Arbitration Policy

•Somerset reserves the right to limit the number of times a Purchasing customer may participate in this policy

•Somerset reserves the right to modify, alter, discontinue or terminate this policy at any time for any reason whatsoever, with or without notice

•If these Terms and Conditions are not satisfied, The Somerset Automotive Sales Network current Arbitration Policy will apply to any and all