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Why should I use Somerset Auto Importing?

Purchasing a car and importing it into Canada can be a difficult and needlessly costly task if you do not know what you’re doing. The key to importing a car into Canada is knowledge, and proper preparation.

Let us take the worry and stress out of the import process with professional service and an affordable vehicle importing package. We are experts at importing vehicles into Canada. Our prices are low and our experience on both sides of the border will save you time and money.

What is your fee to import a U.S. car?

Our import fee costs just $595 plus duties and regulatory fees. To determine if importing makes sense for you, take advantage of our free estimate and find out exactly how much you can save. Simply tell us the year, make and model of the vehicle and price. If you’d like transportation assistance, we will also need to know the City and State the vehicle is being shipped from.

Can any car from the USA be imported?

No. Your Somerset representative can quickly answer this question for any car for you. Or, you may check yourself by going to Some vehicles need modifications like the addition of daytime running lights, and/or child tether anchors.

What about duty and taxes?

There is no duty on cars built in North America. Cars built elsewhere are charged a 6.1% duty. You pay GST and PST if applicable in your Province. In some cases, a green levy tax may also apply. Your free estimate will cover these items, so you have an all-in number to compare to buying locally.

How do I know which vehicles are duty free?

Typically, if the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) starts with a number, it’s made in North America and can be imported duty free. If the VIN starts with a letter, it’s made elsewhere in the world and you will be charged 6.1% duty.

Can I buy a new vehicle from a U.S. Dealer?

It depends on the Manufacturer. Many prohibit their U.S. dealers from selling directly to Canadians. The best way to find out is to call the dealer and ask them if they sell new and pre-owned vehicles to Canadians. You can also search online for Canadian-friendly dealers in the U.S.

Will the warranty be valid in Canada?

Warranty coverage varies by manufacturer. Many cars have complete warranty coverage. Your representative will either confirm the coverage on your behalf or direct you to the appropriate authority.

Can I get financing for a car purchased in the U.S.?

You cannot get financing through a U.S. dealership or manufacturer unless you have an American social security number. You may be able to get a car loan from your bank, but banks usually only loan you the money once the vehicle is imported and registered in Canada. To solve this problem, Somerset has developed relationships with Canadian leasing companies that are prepared to purchase the vehicle and lease it to you once your credit application has been approved and you have signed a lease agreement with them. Call us for details.

Are there any drawbacks in having a U.S. car?

On some cars, there is the minor inconvenience of having vehicle mileage in miles rather than kilometers and having the largest numbers on the speedometer in MPH rather than the KPH, although both are obviously very readable. On some cars, the climate control and computer data information can also be in Imperial measurements. However, many vehicle computers allow us to easily switch from Imperial and Metric measurements. For most people these items are non-isssues when compared to the savings.